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Turning today’s imagination into tomorrow’s reality, Samsung C&T Corporation is a true global value creator.

Samsung C&T Corporation was founded in 1938 as the parent company of Samsung. In 1975, it was designated as the nation’s “first general trading company” by the Korean government to lead overseas export.
Following the mergers with Samsung Construction in 1995 and Cheil Industries in 2015, Samsung C&T’s Engineering & Construction, Trading & Investment, Fashion, and Resort Groups have been carrying out diverse businesses in the global market.

The Trading & Investment Group is creating value in the constantly changing market by leveraging its business expertise based on the combination of core competitiveness of its global network, information gathering, marketing power and financing.
With over 80 branches in 45 countries, in areas of chemicals, steel, energy, and materials.
Samsung C&T provides a comprehensive solution that aligns to the needs of customers

For chemicals, the Company actively engages in the global trading of polymer, methanol and fertilizers by leveraging its expertise in the market and the industry accumulated over a long span of time, in addition to its logistics infrastructure and network that expands over key areas around the world.
Furthermore, Samsung C&T supplies a variety of chemical products such as mining chemicals and semi-conductor processing materials to suit customer’s needs.

For the steel business, Samsung C&T draws on its 40 years of experience to maintain its solid partnerships with major steel makers around the world.
Samsung C&T is carrying out global trading business that encompasses a wide range of industrial steel products from long products to hot-rolled, cold-rolled and stainless steel, targeting customers in automobile, home appliances, and construction sectors.
By operating coil centers and precision stainless steel mills in key locations, Samsung C&T is expanding its value chain to steel processing and distribution business to provide the highest quality service to its customers.

For energy, Samsung C&T engages in a variety of businesses as the full-line energy provider.
To address needs of energy diversification around the world, Samsung C&T is involved in the clean energy business including renewables, LNG, and biofuel.
For the renewable energy power project, the Company is currently operating a large-scale wind and solar power generation complex in Ontario, Canada. A PV-centric renewable energy project in North America is also progress.
We are sourcing LNG from Malaysia to our customers in Asia, and have a stake in LNG liquefaction plant in Oman and Qatar.
Moreover, Samsung C&T is operating a 24,000-hectare palm plantation in Indonesia so as to engage in the supply and trade of bio-fuel such as wood pellets and PKS.

For the materials business, Samsung C&T is exploring creative business models in textiles, metals, and the IT industry.
Firstly, the Company is involved in the entire textile value chain that expands from raw materials, fabric, garment, to fashion infrastructure.
For metals, Samsung C&T is carrying out trading businesses in key minerals such as copper and cobalt, where demand is expected to grow steadily due to electric vehicles.
Also, the Company is providing tailored services to its customers including remarketing of IT equipment and materials, and SCM solutions.

Samsung C&T is also unfolding businesses in diverse fields including healthcare, infrastructure, and life commodities and making efforts to develop new business models in industries such as environment and healthcare.

Based on its fundamental spirit of “respecting others,” Samsung C&T’s global assets and talents are working tirelessly to achieve greater goals.
Samsung C&T not only pursues mutual collaboration on the back of creativity and passion, but also carries out various CSR activities to help build a “society of mutual prosperity.”
A company leaping at unlimited opportunities drawing on its global network,
Samsung C&T is creating new value and building a brighter future as we speak.

The Global Value Creator, Samsung C&T