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Samsung C&T constructs a children’s hospital in Sindh as part of its medical infrastructure building project in Pakistan

DATE : 2023.08.09COUNT : 315

◇ A children’s hospital newly constructed in Sukkur of Sindh Province, Pakistan 

On August 8th, a children’s hospital in Sindh Province of Pakistan had an inauguration ceremony with former Foreign Minister of Pakistan Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Sindh Province’s Health Minister, Provincial Governor, and South Korean ambassador to Pakistan in attendance. The newly built hospital is of which Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group (hereinafter “Samsung C&T”) took part in as part of its medical infrastructure building project in Pakistan.  

In 2019, the Health Ministry of Sindh Province placed a bid for the construction of this children’s hospital envisioning a medical complex of approximately 17,300m2 –equivalent to 2.5 soccer fields – in Sukkur, north of Sindh. The hospital has outpatient clinics, hospital wards, emergency and diagnostic departments, etc. and is equipped with about 200 beds. It is expected to improve children’s health and welfare with accessibility to various medical services from disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, etc.  

Samsung C&T participated in this project by forming a consortium with Iljin Engineering & Construction. Throughout the project, Samsung C&T not only oversaw the overall construction process but also played a vital role in sourcing state-of-the-art medical equipment and supplies, medical staff training, to name a few. 

As such, Samsung C&T is making extensive efforts to enhance medical infrastructure around the world by engaging in hospital infrastructure building projects in Bangladesh, Cameroon, etc.