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Trade Day Presidential Commendation Award

DATE : 2022.12.14COUNT : 1197

On December 5, Jung Hwan Bae, the Automotive Steel Group head in the Steel Division, was awarded the 'Presidential Commendation' at the 59th Trade Day ceremony held at COEX Center in Seoul.


As a nationally enacted anniversary, Trade Day was established as an annual awards ceremony to reward those who pioneer new overseas markets, expand exports, and contribute to economic development to strengthen the drive for balanced development of trade and trade entry.

At the 59th Trade Day held this year, under the motto “Take the bold leap toward a trading powerhouse!”, a total of 597 people of merit in trade were awarded government awards, including industrial medals and commendations and Presidential Commendations, along with 1,780 trading companies accredited with the ‘Export Tower’ award.

Group Head Jung Hwan Bae played an important role to secure export competitiveness of Korean products during his stay in Russia. After his return to office, he was awarded the Presidential Commendation in recognition of his contribution to expanding the local short-haul commercial zones to North America and Europe.

Group Head Jung Hwan Bae expressed his thoughts on this award as follows:

“It was a year in which crises and opportunities co-emerged in the steel business as supply and demand and price volatility in the market increased significantly after COVID-19. 

In this environment, it is an honor for the company to achieve record-high performance results and for the Automotive Steel Group to receive a valuable award on behalf of the association. 

I will continue to dedicate myself to strengthening the functions and roles of management and contributing to our company's sales growth.”