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Local Activities

The Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group participates in various volunteer activities to fulfill its role as a partner of the community and achieve shared growth.

Sisterhood Program with Rural Community

Rural villages in Korea face numerous challenges due to opening of agricultural market and aging of rural population; the company has started to support such villages with its sisterhood program since 2004 with Baekgok-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungbuk, and has carried out various programs, including volunteer program for the busy season, farmers’ market, renovation of outdated facilities, support for low-income households and donation of daily necessities for seniors living alone. The company plans to expand its programs and further strengthen ties with local residents so that the sisterhood program can provide more practical help for such rural villages.

Volunteer Activities by Divisions and Teams

There are 12 volunteer teams from Divisions and Teams at Trading & Investment Group of Samsung C&T; the teams participate in volunteer activities for child heads of family, seniors living alone, the disabled and recipients of Basic Livelihood Security. Teams regularly visit to spend time with them or help them, including giving massages, donating food and daily necessities, and protecting local environment by removing foreign plants. In addition, annual “Love Your Neighbor Bazaar” is held at the end of the year and proceeds go to support low-income households.

SAFE Communities

As part of its efforts to contribute to the local community, the Samsung C&T Corporation Trading & Investment Group operates the ‘SAFE Communities’ program, which incorporates CPTED concepts to make the neighborhood a safer place. ‘SAFE Communities’ selects crime-prone locations (park or playground) near the company office, and repaints the equipment and environment with bright, warm colors so that they can once again function as safe venues for resting and recreation.

* CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design): A multi-disciplinary approach to deterring criminal behavior through environmental design

Sisterhood Program with Military Unit

Samsung C&T’s sisterhood relationship with 9th Special Forces Brigade (Airborne) 'GHOST' built on mutual exchange and cooperation has lasted for over 30 years since 1983; the relationship with the unit first began in 1975 with military-private enterprise exchange agreement. Building on this partnership, Samsung C&T was involved in consigned operation of a socks factory in the military base from 1977 to 1983. The company plans to pursue continuous exchange activities, including drills for new employees and management-level visits to the base.

Through these activities, the Trading and Investment Group of Samsung C&T aims to continuously pursue shared growth with local communities.