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Samsung C&T strives to source and supply energy resources around the world.

Global full-line energy provider

We develop green energy and biofuel to meet rising need for energy diversification worldwide. In addition, we organize projects designed to provide total solutions in structured finance and offtake agreements.

Renewable energy
Palm Plantations
Medical Infrastructure
  • Renewable Energy

    Solar and ESS projects are currently underway across the US and we are expanding our footprints in Australia as well.

  • Palm Plantations

    We operate palm plantations on Sumatra Island of Indonesia, under its local subsidiaries PT. Gandaerah & PT. Inecda.

  • Biomass

    Samsung C&T sources palm kernel shell (PKS), a byproduct of palm processing, and wood pellets, from Southeast Asia to power plants at home and abroad.

  • LNG

    We are committed to ensuring a secure supply of clean energy by sourcing LNG from Malaysia to domestic gas corporations and power plants.

  • Hydrogen

    We are seeking and developing new opportunities in the promising, hydrogen economy.

  • Project Organizing

    Samsung C&T is engaged in various infrastructure projects in developing countries related to general hospitals, offshore facilities, transportation, IT services, education, etc.

Wind Power Energy


Ontario, Canada
1,369MW(1,069 MW wind power / 300MW solar power)
2050 Derry road West, 2nd floor, Mississauga, On L5N 0B9, Canada

Key Business Activity G&I BIOFUEL PTE. LTD.

Riau, Sumatra, Indonesia
CPO 85,000 tons (2017) / Palm 339,000 tons (2017)
PT Gandaerah Hendana, PT Inecda Mega Asri-Green Office Blok B.2-8 Jalan Arifin Ahmad, Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia

Key Business Activity TERMINAL KMS DE GNL, S. DE R.L. DE C.V.

Manzanillo Colima, Mexico
LNG processing volume: 3.75 million tons per year
C.P. 28809 Carretera Campos Cuyutlan 7Km. Manzanillo Colima, Mexico

Key Business Activity Kelar S.A.

Antofagasta, Chile
517 MW
Cerro El Plomo 5420, Oficina 1502, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile


Samsung C&T is spearheading in the clean energy sectoras full-line energy provider to meet the growing needs of energy diversificationamid the global transition to low-carbon economies.

  • 신재생 발전 이미지 Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy

    Samsung C&T is engaged in solar and wind power development business with a particular focus on North America.

    Our renewable energy business is built on various profit-generating models including pre-NTP sale of developed assets and post-asset disposal development. Also, we strive to grow our business overseas by strengthening ties with global power companies, module and EPC companies, investors, etc.

    Samsung C&T operates a solar and wind power cluster in Ontario, Canada, which we completed construction back in 2018. The energy cluster boasts a total capacity of 1,369MW accumulated between 2013 and 2018. It is considered a landmark of the renewable energy industry in North America for being the largest renewable energy complex in Canada.

    Since our foray into the U.S. market in 2018, we have been active in expanding the solar PV and ESS development business across the country. Furthermore, we are also focused on expanding the business model in Australia.

  • 바이오연료 이미지 바이오연료 이미지 바이오연료 이미지
    Palm & Biofuel

    Palm & Biofuel

    Samsung C&T operates palm plantations on Indonesia’s Sumatra Island since its acquisition of PT. Gandaerah and PT. Inecda in 2018.

    The palm plantations cover 20,000 hectares on Indonesia’s Sumatra Island, which is the size equivalent to 33% of Seoul, and are equipped with facilities that are capable to produce more than 100,000 tons of crude palm oil, a raw material for biodiesel and cooking oil, per annum.

    We constantly strive to build a sustainable business, such as commitment to NDPE in January 2019, acquisition of RSPO in May 2019, certification to ISO 14001 in April 2021, PKS-related GGL certification in June 2022, etc.

    With an aim to strengthen our business competitiveness, we thoroughly manage costs, boost productivity and seek to improve our ESG credentials in business management by protecting the environment, prioritizing the safety of employees, and making meaningful contributions to the local community.

    Furthermore, Samsung C&T sources PKS, a byproduct of palm processing, and wood pellets, from Southeast Asia, Russia, and North America to power plants at home and abroad.

    In line with the global switch to alternative energy sources to cut GHG emissions, Samsung C&T is actively expanding its biofuel trading business.

  • 선박 이미지 LNG


    We were Korea’s first to import LNG from Malaysia in 1991, and contributed to diversifying LNG sources in Korea.

    In 1993, we signed a contract with Petronas LNG of Malaysia from which we supply domestically 3.6 million tons of LNG annually. In 1999, we acquired stakes in natural gas liquefaction plants in Oman and Qatar, securing additional sources of this clean energy resource for South Korea.

  • 수소 이미지 Hydrogen


    We are seeking and developing new opportunities in the promising, hydrogen economy.

    Leveraging our experience obtained as intermediates in the global market, we intend on identifying the needs of potential customers across the entire value chain from production to distribution and integrate into a holistic value chain to further seek business opportunities in the industry.

  • 의료 이미지 Project Organizing

    Project Organizing

    Samsung C&T is engaged in various infrastructure projects in developing countries related to general hospitals, offshore facilities, transportation,IT services, education, etc.

    On the back of our accumulated expertise in planning, engineering, construction, medical equipment, medical IT solutions, training, etc., we provide our clients with solutions tailored to their needs by working closely with partner companies with specialties in diverse areas.

    Furthermore, we develop and provide optimal solutions in response to new demandby leveraging our proven track record in building offshore facilities, transit systems,IT infrastructure, educational facilities, etc.