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Employee Ranking System

Position Grade System

All employees are subject to an annual salary system, with differentiated remuneration based on education level, work experience, expertise, performance and other factors.

  • Senior
  • Assistant
  • Manager
  • Senior
  • General


Samsung C&T operates a fair and objective evaluation system to provide incentives based on performance and to enhance the competency of employees.

  • - Performance Appraisal: A quantitative evaluation of achievements in regard to set objectives (annual)
  • - Competency Appraisal: A qualitative evaluation of individual capabilities (annual)

※ After sufficient interviews and feedback,
Appraisal results are used as criteria for deciding training program enrollment, remuneration, promotion, and department transfers.

Promotion System

Employees with sufficient merit points will be eligible for promotion within the quota for their position grade. Top-performing employees may be promoted one to two years before fulfilling the minimum number of years required for any given position grade. Employees must meet the requirements in foreign language exam scores and completed in-house training programs to be promoted..