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The world – The world changes And people are curious about tomorrow Will it change for better or worse? At Samsung C&T, we ask “how can we create a better tomorrow?” Connecting people and the world Samsung C&T is now creating a better world and a brighter tomorrow with its own hands. What kind of challenges did Samsung C&T overcome to become the global enterprise it is today? Samsung C&T is constructing a large thermal power plant in Kazakhstan, producing oil and gas in Texas, United States, constructing a large solar and wind power complex in Ontario, Canada, and operating a palm oil plantation equal to 40% the size of Seoul. It was commissioned for an LNG Receiving Terminal in Mexico and it has taken over a stainless steel processing plant in Romania. This history of growth began with Samsung Sanghoe, established in 1938. And this is why we believe that history of Samsung C&T represents the history of Samsung Group. Growing from a small trading company to a global enterprise, the path of Samsung C&T was paved by overcoming numerous challenges in order to make our dreams come true. Samsung C&T carries out various businesses in two major fields - trading and organizing. Samsung C&T’s trading business connects the people of the global village to different regions of the world through the global trading of a variety of products. Chemicals & industrial materials trading has always been a core business area for Samsung C&T. Ranging from basic raw materials for petrochemicals to inorganic and fine chemicals, it supplies and sells a wide range of chemical products through global trading. Samsung C&T is also expanding in the fields of industrial machinery and materials. Samsung C&T is carrying out global import, export and intermediary trading of steel, with a specialty in hot-rolled, cold-rolled and stainless steel products. Furthermore, by operating coil centers and precision steel mill overseas, Samsung C&T has expanded our value chain to cover production, processing and logistics to provide unmatched customer service. In the field of energy & minerals, Samsung C&T is engaged in the trading of key minerals such as coal, copper and rare metals. In energy business, it also supplies crude oil and natural gas through ANKOR offshore oil development and Parallel onshore oil field development. In terms of living industries, Samsung C&T is making our lives more prosperous through trading key materials related to our everyday necessities such as textile, palm oil and wood pellets. Samsung C&T is creating a better tomorrow through organizing business based on company’s technology, market intelligence, and financing capability. In the field of plant & machinery, Samsung C&T offers a total solution by taking advantage of its strengths in finance and risk management and continuously expands a successful profit generating business model in thermal power generation as well as in shipbuilding and infrastructure business areas. In the field of green energy with strong potential, Samsung C&T is developing a large scale wind and solar power complex in Ontario, Canada as well as expanding value chain by supplying solar power-related parts and materials. By trading business to add greater values to existing businesses, and organizing business to create future values, Samsung C&T is making the world a better place and bringing the future closer. By pursuing the infinite possibilities of tomorrow, Samsung C&T will continue to take on new challenges to achieve its goals. And by doing so, we will become a global top 10 trading company. In upholding the basic value of “respect for people”, Samsung C&T aims to promote harmony and co-prosperity throughout the world. By practicing integrity management that meets global standards and leading the changes with creativity and a challenging spirit, Samsung C&T supports the growth of the people that will power the company. At Samsung C&T, we are preparing for a better tomorrow where people come first. At Samsung C&T, we ask “how can we create a better tomorrow?” And the answer lies in the imaginations of today. By discovering infinite values within our imagination today – and making it tomorrow’s reality with creativity and challenge – We will lead the world to a better tomorrow with our endless endeavor. Samsung C&T