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Samsung C&T Volunteers at an Elementary School in Myanmar

DATE : 2019.08.09COUNT : 495


Samsung C&T Corporation went on a four-day volunteer trip to Dala Primary School No. 13 located south of Yangon, Myanmar, from Aug. 5 to Aug. 8.


A group of 50 volunteers, including employees and families of Samsung C&T’s four Groups─Trading & Investment, Construction, Fashion and Resort─dedicated themselves to improving school facilities and engaging in cultural exchange programs in Dala region together with Plan Korea, an international relief and development NGO, and Naing Nine, Samsung C&T’s local partner in Myanmar.


The school infrastructure improvement service, which Samsung C&T first initiated in 2011 in India, marks the ninth of its kind this year. The employees of Samsung C&T voluntarily participate in volunteering activities on annual leave every year.


Much of the task of this year’s trip was focused on creating a safer and cleaner educational environment by repairing the school’s driveway, building a flower bed, painting outer walls and murals, and making bulletin boards. Cultural programs that are rare to Myanmarese children were also provided, including the experience to wear the Korean traditional attire hanbok, take part in a mini field day and create balloon art.


This year’s volunteer trip was especially meaningful in that all four Groups participated for the first time, leveraging the experience and specialties of their respective area. Professional Park Won-soon, who is in charge of directing the flower festivals at Resort’s Plant & Contents Group, said, “it was fulfilling to see the bright smiles on children’s faces after the flower bed was finished.” Manager Park Jong-dae of Quality Improvement Team of the Fashion Group shared his thoughts by saying, “the time spent together with the kids was valuable as they enjoyed the new experience of trying out the hanbok.”


The destination of this year’s volunteer trip, Dala Township, is a poverty-stricken area where the majority of the residents live under the global poverty line defined by World Bank. The village is separated from downtown Yangon by a river, which is the main culprit behind the run-down infrastructures. Most of the residents still resort to rainwater and wells and only one-third of the region’s households get electricity.


Samsung C&T will continue to carry out overseas volunteer trips and various social outreach activities to improve the education and growth of future generations at home and abroad.