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Samsung C&T Holds “Go Together” History Program

DATE : 2019.03.12COUNT : 885


Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group held the “Go Together” history program on March 9.


A total of 77 children from multicultural families and the families of Samsung C&T employees participated in the event held in the E-Room Center, located in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, to hear a special lecture on the modern history of Korea since the late Joseon Dynasty, take quizzes on their prior knowledge and play various games.


Samsung C&T has conducted the “Go Together” program for children from multicultural families to help them establish their identity as Koreans and understand correctly the history of Korea. This year, in celebration of the 100th anniversary year of the March First Independence Movement, history classes will be operated systematically with the History Experience Class for elementary students and the History Debating Class for middle and high school students in order to establish a correct view of history.


Senior Administrator Min-young Kim of the Corporate Planning Team, who participated as a volunteer, said, “I had a meaningful time learning Korean history together with the children. Watching them have fun and enjoy learning was, indeed, a great pleasure. I hope they will take pride in being Koreans.”


Since 2006, Samsung C&T has conducted diverse activities to aid children from multicultural families.