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Samsung C&T Employees & Multicultural Families Visit Historical Sites

DATE : 2018.06.11COUNT : 1835


Samsung C&T Corporation held the "Go Together" Historical Camp, which lasted for 2 days and 1 night from June 9th to the 10th . This is a program where employees’ families join multicultural families on a visit to historical sites associated with the Baekje period.


A total of 90 people -- including 50 from multicultural families, 30 from employees’ families, and 10 staff members -- attended the event, which was held in Gongju City and Buyeo County, Chungcheongnam-do. The camp program gave the participants deeper understanding of the history of the Baekje period, which flourished during the Period of the Three Kingdoms.


Through visits to various historical sites such as the tomb of King Muryeong, Busosanseong Fortress, and Buyeo National Museum, elementary and junior high school students were able to learn about art, culture, and diplomacy during the Three Kingdoms period. They also took part in hands-on activities such as riding wooden boats, making clay models of the five-story stone pagoda at Jeongnimsa temple site, and writing their own lyrics to Seodongyo(the Ballad of Seodong) that contains their personal wishes. They also discussed and shared their thoughts about the legend of King Uija and 3000 court ladies.


"As we only get a short brief of the Baekje period in school textbooks, it was very satisfying to watch the children having fun while also learning about Baekje period through different activities right where it all happened," said Senior Manager Lee, Yeon-heui from Corporate Planning Team, who participated in the event as a volunteer.


Since 2006, Samsung C&T Corporation has been supporting children from multicultural families and holding events every year like Go Together and Walk Together.