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Samsung C&T employees carry out volunteer activities in Myanmar

DATE : 2016.08.19COUNT : 2956

Employees from the Samsung C&T Corporation Trading & Investment Group (President & CEO Shin Kim) traveled to Myanmar to lend a helping hand to the local children.



For four days starting August 8, a group of volunteers consisting of 40 Samsung C&T employees and their families and employees from a local partner company carried out activities to improve the environment of the Yetanabon Yeiknyein Buddhist boarding school in Yangon, Myanmar. The activities include painting walls, building a playground, installing mosquito nets and lockers, while the volunteers also donated appliances such as air conditioners, electric fans, washing machines as well as daily necessities to the school.

The volunteer group also acted as a cultural mission, holding a cultural exchange event for the children, during which the children took photos in Traditional Korean clothes, made Korean pancakes, participated in a mini Olympics and science activities.


Meanwhile, Samsung C&T has been sending overseas volunteer groups every year since 2011. After focusing on India for five years, in 2016, it has selected Myanmar as its new destination for volunteer activities.