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Delhi School Supported by Samsung C&T Recognized for Excellence

DATE : 2016.07.22COUNT : 2661

The SDMC Phase-II Elementary School located in Madanpur khaddar district in New Delhi, India, was selected by the local authorities among 168 schools in the district as the recipient of the certificate of excellence. The school had been the target of a joint CSR project by Samsung C&T and Plan International Korea to improve the learning environment via building educational facilities and providing resources, etc.



The recipient for the certificate of excellence is selected each year by the New Delhi city government, based on criteria such as improvements in infrastructure, quality of education, student participation. The SDMC Phase-II Elementary School received high scores for its infrastructure improvement activities carried out under the name of WASH (Water, Sanition and Hygiene).

Samsung C&T has been sending employee volunteers to the SDMC Phase-II Elementary School for five years from 2011 to 2015. The volunteers participated in activities to improve the school's facilities, e.g. repairing classrooms, renovating restrooms, and installing a water tower for drinking water. They also built an audio/visual learning room complete with books and computers, built a badminton court, stage and garden within the school grounds. In addition, together with the school operation community consisting of students, teachers, and local residents, the volunteers carried out a clean water campaign to raise awareness within the community of the need for clean drinking water. The New Delhi city government presented the the certificate of excellence through a ceremony attended by 450 people including local officials, the school's principal and teachers.

“The school was able to change in a positive direction thanks to the assistance of Samsung C&T and Plan International Korea. The improvements motivated students to attend classes and naturally achieve better academic results, and they also allowed us to receive the certificate of excellence from the city government," says Talat Sultana, the school’s principal. "The audio/visual learning room will help the children gain knowledge, while WASH facilities will contribute to improving their health."


With the CSR project in India now complete after five years, Samsung C&T Corporation will continue its school improvement activities in Myanmar.