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Global Contribution Activities

The Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group is engaged in a range of activities to fulfill its social responsibility and join in the global effort to help those in need

Global Child Sponsorship Program

Since 2009, the Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group has joined hands with Plan International Korea, a children's development organization, to carry out sponsorship program for children from less developed countries. As part of corporate social responsibility activities, the company has participated in poverty eradication program for developing nations and launched sponsorship program for children overseas. Employees are involved in various sponsorship activities for children from 136 countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, where they are not only supporting children financially but also building true friendship by exchanging letters and making visits.

“Happy Together, Share Together”

Every summer since 2011, the Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group
sends a volunteer group consisting of Corporate Office employees and their
families, local employee and partner company employees, to underdeveloped
communities around the world to assist children and the local communities.
The first project was at a public school in New Delhi, India, where volunteers
helped improve the school environment by painting classrooms, cleaning up
trash, fixing restroom facilities, and installing a water tower. They also hosted
cultural events such as a magic show, K-Pop concert, and sports events for
the children. The company will continue to extend a helping hand to children
around the world.

Jul 2017: Launched the 7th Overseas Volunteer Group (Yangon, Myanmar)
Jul 2016: Launched the 6th Overseas Volunteer Group (Yangon, Myanmar)
Aug 2015: Launched the 5th Overseas Volunteer Group (New Delhi, India)
Aug 2014: Launched the 4th Overseas Volunteer Group (New Delhi, India)
Aug 2013: Launched the 3rd Overseas Volunteer Group (New Delhi, India)
Jul   2012: Launched the 2nd Overseas Volunteer Group (New Delhi, India)
Jul   2011: Launched the 1st Overseas Volunteer Group (New Delhi, India)

Volunteering Activities at Overseas Offices

As a global company with 108 offices located across the globe, the company is engaged in various volunteer activities overseas around the world. Employees at overseas offices of Trading & Investment Group participate in a number of volunteer activities customized to meet local needs, such as disaster responses and environment conservation; our activities has helped the company gain trust and support from local communities.