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Trading & Investment Group

Trading &
Investment Group
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Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group

Samsung Group’s history began with the foundation of
Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group in 1938.
Over the past 80 years, the company has contributed tremendously to the economic development of Korea through its involvement in international trade.
With outstanding manpower, an extensive global network, and abundant business experience, Samsung C&T has been carrying out various businesses around the world.

Trading & Investment Group

Year established
President & CEO
Jungsuk Koh
Number of employees
  • Total 5,298 (as of Dec. 2020)
  • (Headquarters 757, Global employees 4,541)
13,252 billion won (as of 2020)
Operating profit
94 billion won (as of 2020)
Global Network
73 offices in 43 countries (as of Dec. 2020)
Key business areas
Chemicals, Steel, Energy, Materials, Living Industrial
Samsung C&T Corporation 123, Olympic-ro 35-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, 05510, Republic of Korea


Based on its professionalism and expertise, Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group offers a comprehensive range of solutions that address its customers’ needs in the chemicals, steel, energy, materials and living Industrial sectors.

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    In the chemicals sector, Samsung C&T is actively trading chemical products, leveraging the market- and item-related expertise it has accumulated over years of working in the business and its extensive global network of logistical infrastructure.

    The company supplies a wide range of chemical products, spanning upstream and downstream channels, including polymers, petrochemicals, fertilizers, methanol, and organic and inorganic chemicals for mining, and continues to expand its business activities to satisfy the needs of customers.

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    With regard to steel, Samsung C&T has established cooperative relationships with major steelmakers worldwide, based on its 40-plus years of business experience, and is now engaging in the global trading of industrial steel products, such as long products, steel plates, and precision stainless steel, with customers in the automotive, home appliance, and construction industries.

    Moreover, the company is expanding its value chain from processing to the distribution of steel products by establishing and operating steel coil centers and precision stainless steel plants worldwide, offering top-notch services to customers.

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    In the energy industry, Samsung C&T is supplying fuel for power generation, such as LNG, to domestic and overseas power plants as well as biofuel such as wood pellets.

    As the global energy mix is changing, the company is also participating in renewable energy projects, such as solar and wind power. In addition, Samsung C&T is creating a comprehensive package of solutions for the financing and risk management of power generation and infrastructure development projects.

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    For the materials sector, Samsung C&T provides business solutions for clients while developing and expanding business focused on prospective raw and industrial materials ranging from non-ferrous metals to rechargeable batteries.

    In terms of metals, Samsung C&T is strengthening its trading of major minerals for which demand is expected to rise steadily in the electric vehicle industry, such as copper and cobalt. Regarding IT, the company is providing differentiated services that are specifically tailored to customers’ needs, such as the remarketing of manufacturing facilities and materials, and the development and provision of supply chain management (SCM) solutions.

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    Living Industrial

    For the living industrial sector, Samsung C&T has laid the groundwork for business expansion into the consumer goods market including textiles by utilizing its extensive wealth of expertise in textile goods as well as logistics and finance. Trading activity spans the overall textile industry and Samsung C&T is expanding its role across the consumer goods value chain including mobile accessories.

  • Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group, as an intermediary in the market, has secured a differentiated competitive edge in the value chain by strengthening its midstream functions, especially in terms of logistics, processing, and transport, and aims to keep growing by continuously exploring new markets based on the strengths of its products and services.

    Furthermore, to ensure that it is always capable of coping with market uncertainty, Samsung C&T strives to become a company that creates value on a global scale by building a global risk management system and enhances its professionalism by fostering core professional personnel with comprehensive knowledge and keen understanding of their respective areas.

    As a business that is pursuing its full potential based on an extensive global network, Samsung C&T Trading & Investment Group is creating new value with the aim of ushering in a brighter future.