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Samsung C&T, as a global project organizer, offers a total solution for customers around the world with our financing, risk management and off-take capabilities in power generation, , renewable energy, plant, shipbuilding and infrastructure industries.

Power & Energy
Construction of an independent power plant requires comprehensive analysis capabilities in order to review business feasibility and understand relevant regulations and policies of each country. In addition, the ability to manage and organize relevant entities such as EPC companies, fuel suppliers, plant operators and power sellers is a must in the field of power and energy. At the same time, it also demands capability to raise project financing, as such projects are not possible without large-scale investment. Samsung C&T has developed project organizing and financing capabilities through decades of experience and involvement in diverse types of project and consequent management. Samsung C&T’s Construction & Engineering Group has accumulated EPC management and execution abilities with strong track record in plant construction both at home and abroad, that can create synergy with Trading & Investment Group further reinforcing competitiveness of both Groups.
We also participate in the construction and operation of Norte II power plant in Mexico and Kelar power plant in Chile. We plan to participate in similar power plant construction projects in neighboring countries.
Renewable energy
Samsung C&T is currently building and operating solar and wind power generation cluster with a total capacity of 1,369 MW in Ontario, Canada. The Ontario Project will be carried out in three phases, starting with 519 MW solar and wind farm in Haldimand and Chatham-Kent in southwest Ontario. During phase 2, 550 MW-capacity power cluster will be built in Kingston, Eastern Ontario, and in Bruce in northern Ontario.
Samsung C&T has successfully completed site acquisition, environmental assessment and design in collaboration with our partners for phases 1 and 2, and began construction in 2013. Phase 1 wind cluster has been completed and is currently in operation, while construction for phase 2 wind power is in progress. The remaining phases will be carried out in cooperation with the state government and partners with an aim to create the largest renewable energy cluster in North America.
In addition, Samsung C&T carries out solar power generation projects as part of our renewable energy business. Our proven track record includes completion and operation of solar power plant in Korea in 2008, 130 MW solar power plant development project in the Americas, and 160 MW solar plants in Europe, of which 100 MW are operated by Samsung C&T. Samsung C&T is also involved in sourcing and trading of main components for solar power generation such as module, polysilicon and wire saw.
Plant (LNG Infra, etc.)
Samsung C&T supplies high value-added plants and machinery, including hydrocarbon complex, energy saving facilities and machinery components to customers around the world. We have recently started to focus on water-related business, particularly to contract award, investment and operation of desalination plant and reuse of wastewater, which is emerging as one of important resources of the future. Samsung C&T successfully won the order for Manzanillo LNG Terminal project in Mexico in January 2008 based on a consortium with Korea Gas Corporation and Mitsui & Co. It is a BOO (Build, Own, Operate) type project including construction of an LNG storage and re-gasification facility with annual capacity of 372 million tons, and consequent operation. By successfully ensuring the order, we are able to secure a stable source of profit favorably positioned to win future orders in Mexico. Samsung C&T also expects further business opportunities by securing other areas of LNG value chain such as production, liquefaction, transportation and distribution of natural gas.
Ship & Offshore
Samsung C&T exports ship and offshore facilities with world-class technology to customers worldwide. Instead of limiting our business scope to simple brokerage between ship owners and shipyards, we have diverse business models, such as participating as main contractor to shipbuilding contract with ship owner to be in charge of project management, and providing comprehensive package-type organizing that offers financial and other services to meet the needs of customers and shipyards.
Samsung C&T carries out various projects to help underdeveloped countries. The projects include construction of hospitals and supply of medical equipment for the improvement of public health, construction of vocational training centers to promote self-sufficiency, establishment of government administrative IT network to ensure e-government infrastructure and construction of facilities for power transmission and transformation to remote areas. We are making efforts to support growth of underdeveloped countries though accomplishment of various infrastructure projects based on our capabilities in organizing business.