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Samsung C&T has expanded its materials trading and solution providing business to various sectors,
including non-ferrous metals, rechargeable batteries and IT.

Materials Business Solution Provider

Samsung C&T sources raw materials, supplies components and facilities, and provides business solutions in various sectors including minerals, metal and copper, IT-related industrial materials and equipments.

Electronic Components
Electronic Chemicals
Copper and metals
  • Electronic Components

    We are engaged in supply chain management of semiconductor manufacturing components including procurement, inventory management and logistics.

  • Electronic Chemicals

    We are localizing and supplying electronic chemicals for semiconductors and displays providing VMI service in order to optimize quality and supply time.

  • Equipment

    We provide our customers with comprehensive solutions for disassembling, relocation, and purchase of core facilities for semiconductor, displays and mobile phone manufacturing equipment.

  • Nonferrous Metal

    We are trading various minerals, including copper, gold, silver, and platinum, and expanding into core future industrial materials, such as cobalt and nickel.


Samsung C&T provides business solutions for clients while developing and expanding business focused on prospective raw and industrial materials ranging from non-ferrous metals to rechargeable batteries.

  • 산업소재 이미지 Industrial Materials

    Industrial materials

    Samsung C&T carries out projects for plumbing tool hook-up in semiconductor plants and supplies core materials and parts, such as process chemicals, to large IT companies.

    In addition, Samsung C&T is also involved in re-marketing idle semiconductor manufacturing equipment to end-users in the market, playing a critical role in raising the asset efficiency of equipment sellers and the purchasing efficiency of equipment buyers. We also provide our customers with comprehensive solutions for idle facilities, including the dismantling, relocation, and purchase of core facilities.

  • 구리 및 금속 이미지 Nonferrous Metal

    Nonferrous Metal

    Samsung C&T began engaging in copper trading since 1981 and has secured stable supplies from Mongolia, the Americas (Canada, Mexico, Peru, and Chile), and Africa (Democratic Republic of the Congo), and has steadily explored markets in China, Korea, and Southeast Asia. We also actively trade gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals.

    Regarding rare metals, we are currently strengthening our trading of raw metal materials for rechargeable batteries as well as cobalt and nickel, the demand for which is expected to rise.