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& Industrial Materials

Global Chemicals & Industrial Materials Trader
Samsung C&T trades chemical and industrial materials, and offers business solutions based on our expertise and global network built over the past 30 years. Our key trading items are methanol, mining chemicals, fertilizer and Petrochemicals, that are diversified into relevant materials from the sales of these key materials. Our goal in chemicals and industrial materials business is to become one of the world’s top 5 trading companies specializing in chemicals and materials by focusing our capabilities on key items as well as process chemicals.

Fertilizer Details


We enable stable sourcing through long-term contract and maintain optimal sales portfolio for each item depending on seasonal and market conditions in each region.

Telephone :82-2-2145-2612

Chemicals & materials for mining Details

Mining Business

Growth in trading chemicals and materials for mining has been driven by efforts to develop stable business relationship with large-scale mining companies. In particular, mid/long-term contracts with these customers have been the key growth momentum in successfully building our presence as a global player in chemicals for mining, with the highest market share in West Africa.

Telephone :82-2-2145-2657

Petrochemicals Details


Samsung C&T began domestic and overseas trading of petrochemical products in 1989. Our key items include petrochemicals, with focus on aromatic and synthetic yarn. We currently have 10 overseas trading subsidiaries in locations including Shanghai, Taiwan, Tokyo, Houston that serve as platform for our trading activities with leading global oil refineries and chemical players.

Telephone :82-2-2145-2586

Methanol Details


We pursue intermediary trade of methanol, raw material for glacial acetic acid and formalin, based on its long lasting relationship with chemical companies both at home and abroad. We have solidified our position as company with no. 1 market share in Korea.

Telephone :82-2-2145-2628

Process chemicals Details

Process chemicals

We not only have contributed to domestic industrial growth with stable supply of process chemicals used for semiconductor and display manufacturing process but also engage in sales activities for diverse industrial materials in keeping pace with the fast-changing IT industry.

Telephone :82-2-2145-2713


Samsung C&T has focused on chemicals trading since our inception as a general trading company in 1975. With the goal of joining the ranks of top 5 global companies specializing in chemical materials, Samsung C&T deals with a wide range of chemical materials and services encompassing the entire value chain from upstream to downstream by fully leveraging our 30 years of knowledge, global network and infrastructure.
In addition, We have provided our customers with optimized solutions in the area of electronic materials and equipment based on expertise and insight that we have acquired through our experience in the electronics field. In this aspect, we seek to become a global partner in high-technology industry that generates significant value with stable raw material supply and support for localization of high value-added core technologies.

Samsung C&T began fertilizer export in the mid-1970s. With rising significance of food resources worldwide since the mid-2000s, we have continuously increased volume and expanded regions for fertilizer business. With projections for steady growth in the industry, our mid/long-term goal is to become one of the global top 10 traders with domestic number one sales base and outstanding talents.
Fine Chemicals
In late 1980’s, we began our fine chemicals business with export and import of products from Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. We continue to achieve growth based on strong relationship with large partners with stable markets in the area of specialized fine chemicals, such as material for mining, polyurethane, and active pharmaceutical ingredient. Material for mining, in particular, is our key item, and we continue to cement our position as a global top-tier trader based on sourcing capability with mid-and long-term contracts and customized midstream function.
Samsung C&T first began domestic and overseas trading of petrochemical products in 1989. We currently have 10 overseas trading subsidiaries in locations including Shanghai, Taiwan, Tokyo, Houston, Frankfurt and the Middle East that serve as the platform for our trading activities with leading global oil refineries and chemical players. Our key items include petrochemicals, especially centering on aromatic and chemical fiber materials. We have gradually built presence as one of leading global petrochemical traders through close interactions with large oil and chemical companies.
General Chemicals
Samsung began general chemicals import and local distribution in 1975, and has since expanded into materials export, intermediary trade by taking advantage of 20 chemicals subsidiaries and proprietary logistics facilities around the world and long-term relationship with Korean chemical companies. We hold the number one market share in Korea in methanol business, and strive to successfully build an equally strong presence in the global market.
Since 1989, Samsung C&T has engaged in trading and sales of polymer, a critical element for construction materials, textile, film and other industrial materials. Starting with providing export service for products of Samsung Group’s chemicals affiliates, Samsung C&T has established firm market presence by forging partnership with leading chemical companies both in and out of Korea. With active overseas marketing targeting high value-added industries, Samsung C&T has positioned itself as a global trader of polymer. Samsung C&T is committed to creating customer value with pride in its contribution to providing basic materials pivotal to backbone industries of Korea including construction, electronics and automotive.
Electronic Equipment & Components
Samsung C&T has engaged in supply chain management of hook-up components in semiconductor plants of Samsung Electronics, contributing to stable production process management in the business. Samsung C&T is also involved in re-marketing of idle semiconductor manufacturing equipment targeting end users in the market, playing a critical part in raising asset efficiency of equipment sellers and purchasing efficiency of equipment customers. Samsung C&T is committed to continuously enhancing relevant capability and expanding business scope to further strengthen customer value.
Precision Materials
Samsung C&T exports display components to industrial customers through partnerships with Korea's top component makers. We strive to expand our business by strengthening sales capability in key overseas markets and to enhance customer value through consistent customer management.
Electronic Materials
Samsung C&T brings advanced technology into Korea and promotes localization of core electronic materials and parts through diverse business partnership in semiconductor and electronic display materials realm. In addition, we offer electronic materials and parts by combining unique functions of a trading company in financing, investment, distribution and marketing with the technology of top manufacturers.