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Samsung C&T focuses on the trading of chemicals as its core business.

Global chemical trading company

Samsung C&T is engaged in the trading of chemical products and provides its customers with business solutions based on its professionalism, accumulated expertise in markets and products, logistics infrastructure, and global network.

General chemicals
  • Polymers

    Samsung C&T is engaged in the trading of polymer products around the world and promotes mutual benefits and adds value for both suppliers and end-users

  • Fertilizers

    Samsung C&T has exported fertilizers since the mid-1970s and achieved customer satisfaction through its stable procurement of products and provision of optimal portfolios by period, region, and product.

  • Methanol

    Leveraging its proprietary logistics facilities, Samsung C&T has been involved in various projects in Asian countries, including Korea, China, and Vietnam.

  • General chemicals

    For its customers, Samsung C&T provides a variety of solutions related to organic and inorganic materials and fine chemicals, based on its global network, proprietary logistics facilities, and expertise.

  • Paper

    By cooperating with the world’s leading paper manufacturers, we supply paper to companies, printing and copying service providers, and discount stores at home and abroad through both online and offline channels.


Samsung C&T is engaged in the trading of various chemical products and related services, spanning upstream and downstream channels.By leveraging our extensive global network and solid infrastructure, we aim to become a leading trading company in the region.

  • 합성수지 이미지 Polymers


    Over the past 30 years, Samsung C&T has traded polymers for use as essential raw materials for various products, including home appliances, automobiles, construction and packing materials.

    Through active overseas marketing in cooperation with domestic and overseas petrochemical companies, we have become a global trader of polymer. Moreover, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers by offering quality logistics and financing services, for which we draw on our competent, professional personnel and expansive global network.

  • 석유화학 이미지 Petrochemicals


    Samsung C&T started trading petrochemical products since 1989 and has conducted business with major refineries and chemical companies through offices it has established around the world, including in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, China, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.

    As a result, we have been solidifying our position as a leading global trader of petrochemical products based on styrene and polyester, among others.

  • 비료 이미지 Fertilizers


    Samsung C&T began exporting fertilizers in the mid-1970s, since which time it has steadily expanded its trading volume and engaged in market diversification.

    As the importance of food resources continues to grow, we are poised to rise as a major global trader in the steadily growing fertilizer industry, based on our leading presence in the domestic market and highly competent workforce.

  • 메탄올 이미지 Methanol


    Samsung C&T has captured the largest share of the Korean and Vietnamese markets of methanol a raw material used to produce formalin and acetic acid, thanks to our stable business relationships with major chemical companies in Korea and overseas suppliers. As a result, we have been able to steadily expand into new markets in various countries, including China.

  • 기능화학 이미지 General Chemicals

    General chemicals

    Samsung C&T started the general chemicals business by importing organic and inorganic chemicals in the 1970s and has provided a wide variety of solutions to meet the needs of its customers, drawing on its worldwide network, proprietary logistics facilities, and accumulated expertise.

    Our major trading items include organic and inorganic products (MEK, MMA, acrylate esters, acetic acid, and soda ash), raw materials for polyurethane, chlorinated chemicals, phenol, acetone, and BPA.

  • 광산화학 이미지 Mining Materials

    Mining materials

    We supply a wide variety of materials, such as sodium cyanide and flocculants, mining tires, needed by major mine operators. Through a midstream function tailored to the needs of customers, Samsung C&T has established its position in global markets and continues to grow as a leading global trading company.

  • 지류 이미지 Paper


    Samsung C&T supplies quality paper for copying and printing as well as industrial paper products through its long-term partnerships with top global manufacturers and cooperation with small and medium-sized distributors and retailers, and aims to achieve steady growth in the domestic and international markets by providing logistics, inventory control, and financial services.