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Global Trading Company
Specializing in Chemicals

Samsung C&T trades chemical products and provides customers with business solutions based on our professionalism, accumulated expertise in markets and products, logistics infrastructure, and global network.

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Global Top-tier Steel Trader

Leveraging its accumulated experience in the trading of steel products and the extensive global network it has established over the past 40 years, Samsung C&T sources and markets steel products globally and operates steel coil centers and precision stainless steel plants.

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Full-Line Energy Provider

Samsung C&T is engaged in the trading of major energy resources, such as LNG and organizes projects to provide total solutions for financing, risk management (RM), and offtake agreements in the power plant and renewable energy generation industries.

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Value Creator through the Exploration of Creative Business Models

Samsung C&T provides business solutions for clients while developing and expanding business focused on prospective raw and industrial materials ranging from non-ferrous metals to rechargeable batteries.

#Electronic Components #Electronic Chemicals #Equipment #Nonferrous Metal
Living Industrial

Global Trader in Textile, Living Commodities

Samsung C&T has laid the groundwork for business expansion into the consumer goods market including textiles
by utilizing its extensive wealth of expertise in textile goods as well as logistics and finance.

#Textile #Brand Infrastructure #Mobile Accessories